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Welcome to our auto shop, which is your one-stop and on the spot auto service headquarters for a complete line of auto repair...

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We offer wheel alignment as one of our services. If you are not sure whether you need this service, you'll need to learn what kind...

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As you push your foot down on the brake pedal to apply physical pressure, then the master cylinder will convert it so that it becomes hydraulic pressure.

Welcome to Select Tires and Wheels Inc.

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We are your trusted source for top quality tires and the best wheels no matter what the brand. We have staff that is friendly and knowledgeable, capable of answering any question you have with professional and caring responses that can help you find the right wheel or tire that will enhance the performance that your vehicle can have.

Whether your car is new or old, we can offer you some of the expertise we have offered the rest of Sacramento for years with our decades of combined experience. We provide the service, selection and satisfaction you need without you needing to pay a huge premium for the total package.